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Certification Programs

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  • “This Mastermind session was very informative and provided information necessary to begin to attract this type of niche business. Roland and Cameron were great at presenting the information in a clear and understandable manner. I look forward to the next Mastermind session.”


    “I loved the course, it was everything I had hoped for. I talked to client a week ago and she said in passing that she was the president of her condo building and they were doing a $1M loan for 6% on their current project. I think I’ll have this deal in the bag based on what you guys discussed.  Timing couldn’t be better! Thanks again for the training.”

    Hu Brietkopf
  • “I got such immediate value taking this course. I reached out to about 5-10 commercial bankers last week, booked three meetings and got two solid leads worth $5 million dollars in business that we are moving forward with. No that’s what I call a solid R.O.I.!!!"

    Trevor Dale
  • “This was the course I have been waiting to be offered. Since I was licensed, I have built up my business and brand on working within the luxury market. The content of this course is pivotal if you want to work within this extreme niche sector of our industry. Roland and his advisor board have carefully put together the foundation for a ground-breaking program and future growth. I am privileged to be one of its’ first graduates.”

    Todd Murray
  • “As a mortgage agent specializing in the "white glove service" is extremely important. Would not hesitate to recommend Roland's course to any experienced mortgage broker or anyone new to the business.“

    Steven Porter mortgage agent specializing, white glove service

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