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Founder of Luxury Home Mortgage Group

Hi, I’m Roland Mackintosh

Founder of the Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor Group. My business helps mortgage professionals like you develop a lucrative niche and dominate the luxury home mortgage market.

I’ve been in the mortgage business for over 16-years and realized long ago that it’s much more lucrative earning commission on multi-million-dollar loans and working with high-net-worth-clients, than simply working with average homeowners.

What I’ve discovered is that it takes the right blend of knowledge, resources, confidence and personal branding to earn the business of luxury homeowners. The best part? All of those things are very teachable if you’re willing to learn.

I believe that having your name attached to anything means you have a responsibility to ensure its world class. That’s why I’ve consulted with top earning mortgage professionals from around the world to ensure our 12-week training program will guarantee your success.

If you’re a mortgage professional that wants to develop a niche, that wants to scale up, that wants to work with and be in the top 1%, then you need to sign-up for the Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor certification course.

Roland Mackintosh

Our Advisor Board

The Advisory Board brings together a diverse group of top producing mortgage professionals.  Their input and feedback has been instrumental to making our 12-week training program world class.

Frances Hinojosa

Frances Hinojosa


Matthew Parker


Sabeena Bubber

Peter Majthenyi

Peter Majthenyi 

Cameron Mackie

Cameron Mackie


Scott Westlake

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“If you don’t define your market, your market will define you.”

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