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Scott Westlake and Roland Mackintosh are the founders of the Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor accreditation and mentorship program for mortgage professionals. They have over 25 years of combined experience in the mortgage industry and have collectively funded over $1.35 billion in mortgage loans.


Scott Westlake is widely known as one of Canada’s top performing mortgage brokers. He specializes in working with luxury homeowners and recently moved his office from Toronto to better serve the needs of affluent clients based in prestigious South East Oakville. Scott has been in the “Top 35 Under 35,” made the “Who’s Hot” list, as well as been active on ILMB podcasts and Next Level Loan Officer, while also hiring and mentoring over 50 new agents. He has opened a commercial and private lending arm, invested in financing solutions for construction financing, and created an identity for himself as a “problem solver” when it comes to complex mortgage solutions for high-net-worth clients. Additionally, he has financed multiple loans for players in the NHL, MLB, MLS, and CFL, as well as worked with artists, entertainers, and top-tier C-level executives.


Roland Mackintosh is an author, public speaker and has enjoyed a 15+ year career as District Vice President at one of Canada’s major financial institutions originating hundreds of millions in mortgage loans. Roland is a perennial top producer and specializes in working with custom home builders and luxury clients who need residential financing over $1M. He has been trained and mentored by some of the world’s most elite public speakers and is often sought out to speak at industry events. He is an active angel investor, private lender and has provided consultation services on raising seed capital and Series A funding to start-up companies in both Canada and the United States.


Scott Westlake

After researching the market and other available training programs, Scott concluded there are limited options with many courses not delivering value for the cost involved. Scott feels that investing his time in this accreditation is a way to give back to our industry:

“Barriers are too low to enter the mortgage industry and higher standards should be set. The material covered in this course, along with 12 weeks of mentorship and guidance, provides the education and skills that the industry lacks. Even though the focus is luxury based, I believe the educational component and curriculum will aid any mortgage professional, luxury based or not, with their mortgage career and help them enter the world of larger, more complex mortgages.”

Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor will also help anyone who is actively hiring and managing a team of mortgage professionals, allowing them to outsource training and hire newer agents they may have overlooked in the past, because they did not have the necessary training to succeed at the outset. The Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor course will help newer mortgage professionals improve their chances of being hired and increase their probability of success.


Roland Mackintosh

The Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor course is a combination of online training, weekly homework assignments and 12-weeks of live “power calls” hosted by Scott Westlake.

“Having weekly check-in calls with a mortgage professional of Scott’s caliber is massive. As you progress through your training you will no doubt have questions. Having Scott as a resource to ask questions about  commercial loans, or how to structure complicated residential deals, or what to look for when building a team, will definitely allow you to scale your business more quickly”

After completing the 12-week training program, students are required to pass a multiple-choice exam. Graduates are authorized to use Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor logos on all of their marketing materials. In addition, graduates will be added to the Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor Directory, a database that luxury real estate agents will increasingly rely upon to find mortgage professionals that can handle complex mortgage financing.

This course has been pre-approved by Mortgage Professionals Canada for 4 CE Units in the Professional Development category for the year 2019.

“If you’re a mortgage professional that wants to scale up, that wants to work with and be in the top 1%, then you need to start by investing in yourself.”

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“If you don’t define your market, your market will define you.”

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