“The difference between ordinary & extraordinary is that little bit extra”

– Jimmy Johnson

Module 1. Introduction

Meet your course facilitators! This module provides  an overview of your comprehensive course curriculum. Candidates who earn their designation will learn to identify and analyze the challenges that luxury homeowners face in each of the above market segments, and understand how to develop specific strategies to attract and better serve luxury homeowners and their centres of influence.

Module 2. Working With Luxury Homeowners

Working with Luxury homeowners is completely different than working with clients who have Beacon scores below 600. We will examine how Luxury homeowners think, what they like and do not like, how they make decisions, and their belief and value systems. You will learn the fundamentals of the five affluent market segments you will target and how to work effectively within each segment.

Module 3. 4. 5. Your Luxury Sales & Marketing Plan

Your sales and marketing plan is a critical component of turning your vision for your business into a reality. We will help you to articulate your unique selling proposition to luxury homeowners and those who influence them. You will set financial projections and marketing goals, which in turn will allow you to track and review your progress. In short, you will be armed with a written strategic plan you can put into practice immediately.

Module 6. Becoming A Luxury Home Market Expert

Many of the luxury homeowners you will work with have multiple properties, often in different countries. You will learn how and why to utilize statistics regarding your local luxury market as well as national and international markets. We will examine the driving forces behind these statistics, such as currency fluctuations, emerging job markets and game-changing industries.

Module 7. Building Your Network of Top Tier Referral Partners

A strong referral network can provide you with a lifetime of revenue. This module will teach you how to build a network of top-tier referral partners and transition these partners into endorsing, recommending and introducing you to luxury homeowners. We will reveal a bulletproof strategy on networking with luxury realtors and identifying partners most mortgage brokers will never have thought of targeting.

Module 8. Financial Advisors: The Opinion Leaders of Luxury Homeowners

A financial advisor acts as a quarterback for every financial decision luxury homeowners make; thus, target marketing top-tier financial advisors can grow your revenue exponentially. We will teach you how to quickly build rapport with these financial advisors, break down financial language barriers, and show you five powerful ways you can add value to their business and become an invaluable member of their team.

Module 9. The Affluent Client Meeting

Luxury homeowners have extremely high expectations, and you need to deliver an ultimate client experience to both your clients and your referral partners. We will examine strategies used by top brokers in North America, including non-verbal communication, memorability, positive word-of-mouth, lifestyle questionnaires, local history and proven ways to create “buzz” with luxury homeowners.

Module 10. Luxury Marketing Strategies For Existing Clients

Lifelong revenue starts with one affluent client, and then it snowballs. This module will reveal how to turn your existing luxury homeowners into strategic referral partners and how to dramatically increase your client retention. You will learn the secrets of using striking imagery in social media, tips on creating top-of-mind awareness, and more effective ways of getting your clients to read your emails and, most importantly, send you referrals.

Module 11. Creative Event Marketing

Events are a powerful, yet non-intrusive way to get in front of a crowd of potential clients and referral partners. We examine how one mortgage broker used event marketing to connect with over 6,000 luxury homeowners on LinkedIn, the importance of selling the event to your referral partners and how to create buzz before, during and after the event. We also share how and why top mortgage brokers use seminars to position themselves as industry experts.

Module 12. Online Marketing Strategies To Target Luxury Homeowners

This module examines a powerful case study: How one mortgage broker generated over 100 client meetings by targeting sophisticated property investors, those with at least three properties and $1.5 million dollars in debt. You will learn powerful online marketing strategies using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Flipboard and YouTube. We also review the importance of education-based marketing vs. selling, and the power of creating a downloadable white paper.

Module 13. Using Social Media To Target Luxury Homeowners

Extraordinary mortgage brokers target referral partners who influence the opinion leaders of the groups that luxury homeowners belong to, and social media has made it easier than ever to do this. We will discuss networking directly with luxury homeowners on social media groups, how to effectively use LinkedIn to target top-tier referral partners and how to further create top-of-mind awareness with existing clients and partners.

Module 14. The Retired Upper Tier Client

Studies have shown that almost 40% of luxury homeowners in North America are worried about retirement. We examine “outside the box” strategies to help retired luxury homeowners utilize the equity in their homes to reduce taxable income and increase the longevity of their investment portfolios. You will learn three powerful ways to add value to financial advisors’ rosters of luxury homeowners.

Module 15. Commercial Lending - Getting Multi-Million Dollar Deals Approved

Commercial lending is explored including commercial loan underwriting, collecting your fee and marketing for commercial loans. In this module we explore how to get multi-million-dollar deals approved by both traditional and non-traditional lenders. We will review the best way to package these deals up for fast approval and how to build relationships with lenders you may never have heard of.

Module 16. Your Personal Brand & Winning Habits

The perception you want to create is that you are unique and better than anyone else at meeting the mortgage needs of affluent homeowners. And this starts with your personal brand and how you position yourself. You will learn how to differentiate your business from your competition and become a magnet for luxury homeowners and their centers of influence. Top-10 winning habits are shared from interviews with mortgage brokers across North America.

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