12 Weeks To Success

You will receive 12 weeks of coaching, a specialized education and a professional designation that will take your business to the next level. You will learn through watching, doing, reading, listening and interacting with students and mentors from the United States and Canada.

Earn Your Designation & Join An Elite Group of Mortgage Professionals

The Certified Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor is the internationally recognized designation for mortgage professionals serving luxury homeowners. Earning your designation requires individuals to complete a comprehensive 12-week training program & pass a multiple-choice exam.

Differentiate Yourself with Powerful Branding

Graduates receive a certificate of completion and are authorized to download and use the exclusive Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor logos. Graduates are authorized to use “Certified Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor” on their email signature, social media & on all marketing materials.

Dedicated Coaching To Keep You Motivated To Finish Your Assignments

If we could sum up one word that separates average loan officers from the Top 1%, it would be execution.  That’s why you will be assigned a dedicated course instructor to keep you on track and ensure your success. Each week you will be given a homework assignment that will generate new business for you! Your dedicated coach will check-in with you on a weekly basis to make sure this has been completed and to answer any questions you may have.

3 Months of Weekly Live Power Sessions

As you begin studying to become a Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor, you’ll naturally put into practice our proven techniques and may have questions, right? In our live weekly Power Sessions, we will answer your questions and support you in every step of the way. Whenever you hit an unfamiliar challenge you’ll know that within seven days you can be on the phone with us and we’ll take whatever time it takes to make sure you’re able to move forward and succeed.

PowerPoint Templates, Scripting & Coaching

Building a network of top-tier professionals & getting them to endorse, recommend and introduce you to their high-net-worth-clients is one of the fastest ways to double, triple, even quadruple your mortgage volume. But you don’t have to start from scratch. We will coach you on the activities that will deliver the best return on investment of your time and give you proven scripts and PowerPoint presentations that you can use to target luxury realtors, private bankers and angel investors.

Business Plan Review

As you work your way through each training module you will have the opportunity to work on your business plan, which is specific to high-net-worth households. Once you graduate you will be given the opportunity to submit your business plan for a formal review by your dedicated instructor. We want to ensure you are set-up for success and have a blueprint that will increase your mortgage originations exponentially.

What Makes Our Luxury Course & Training So Unique?

Simply put…we create millionaires by increasing profit earned per file in any market. We will give you the exact systems and tools to double, triple and quadruple your income

Course Curriculum

Module 1. Introduction

Key Concepts – Website orientation; where/how to download broker resources; testing at end of each module; submitting questions for weekly power calls; course instructor contact details

Download: Daily Time Blocker

Download: Top Down Goal Planner

Module 2. Understanding Luxury Homeowners

Key Concepts – How luxury homeowners think; what they do and do not like; decision making; belief and value systems; fundamentals of the 5 affluent market segments; how to target and work effectively within each segment

Download – Activity Tracker

Module 3. Your Luxury Sales & Marketing Plan

Key Concepts – Analysis of your current business; financial projections; goal-setting; vision, mission and values; unique selling proposition; SWOT analysis; analyzing the luxury market; time management; marketing strategies for your referral network and existing clients; networking tactics and opportunities; online and social media strategy

Download – 42-Page Business Plan

Module 4. Vision, Mission, Values

Key Concepts – Crafting your vision, mission statement, and value proposition; focusing your direction and purpose; marketing message and consistency; framework for strategic decisions; competitive differentiation

Bonus Content – 2018 Vancouver Panel of Mortgage Experts discuss building your mortgage business around high net-worth clientele

Module 5. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Key Concepts – Crafting your USP; simplified messaging for referral partners and clients; your elevator pitch

Bonus Content – 2018 Toronto Panel of Mortgage Experts discuss building your mortgage business around high net-worth clientele

Module 6. Becoming A Luxury Home Market Expert

Key Concepts – Local, regional and International market review; luxury home owners’ international perspective; using market statistics; driving forces behind statistics; currency fluctuations; emerging job markets; industry

Download – The 2019 Wealth Report

Module 7. Building Your Network of Top Tier Referral Partners

Key Concepts – Strong referral network/lifetime revenue; building a network of top-tier referral partners; teaching partners to endorse, recommend and introduce you to luxury homeowners; luxury realtor strategies; partners most brokers won’t target (e.g., angel investors)

Download – Cash-Flow Analysis Worksheet For Investment Properties

Module 8. Financial Advisors: The Opinion Leaders of Luxury Homeowners

Key Concepts – Top-tier financial advisors; how to grow and preserve their book; investment products and terminology; understanding bond yields, negative interest rates and fiscal policy; intelligent debt; non-taxable alternatives to liquidating registered investments

Case Study – Leverage Investing in Equities

Case Study – Leverage Investing in Real Estate

Module 9. The Affluent Client Meeting

Key Concepts – Ultimate client experience; your two clients (referral partners & customers); perfect loan process; Tuesday update calls; listing agents/captive audience; white glove service; non-verbal communication; memorability; word-of-mouth; clear and concise communication; lifestyle questionnaires; local history; gift-giving; creating “buzz” with luxury homeowners

Module 10. Luxury Marketing Strategies For Existing Clients

Key Concepts – Customer acquisition and retention; Top of mind awareness (TOMA); striking imagery; luxury lifestyle newsletter; email subject lines; A/B testing; referrals; endorse and recommend; video endorsement, Top 12 clients

Module 11. Event, Community, Seminars

Key Concepts – Event marketing tips and suggestions; elevating your personal brand; importance of selling the event; creating buzz before, during and after the event; giving back; employing seminars/subject matter expert

Case Study – Event marketing to gain 9,000+ LinkedIn contacts

Module 12. Online Marketing Strategies To Target Luxury Homeowners

Key Concepts – Online and social media strategy; Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Flipboard and YouTube; education-based marketing vs. selling; 1 vertical market; power of creating a downloadable white paper

Case Study – 100 client meetings booked with sophisticated property investors

Module 13. Using Social Media To Target Luxury Homeowners

Key Concepts – Target referral partners who influence opinion leaders of groups to which luxury homeowners belong; networking directly with luxury homeowners; using LinkedIn effectively; top-of-mind awareness with existing clients and partners

Download –  Sample Letter of Engagement

Module 14. The Retired Upper Tier Client

Key Concepts – 2 priorities of moving into retirement; luxury home/reflection of success; utilizing equity to reduce taxable income; increasing longevity of investment portfolios; 3 powerful ways to add value to a financial planner/private banker

Download – Sample Letter of Direction

Download – Executive Loan Summary

Module 15. Commercial Mortgage Lending

Key Concepts – Differences between commercial and residential lending; 5 factors to consider when charging a fee; property valuation; terminology; ratios; net operating income; cash-on-cash return; debt-coverage-ratio; capitalization rate; commercial lenders; private bankers; 5-step loan process

Download – Commercial Loan Document Checklist

Case Study – 32 Unit Apartment Building Cash-Flow Analysis

Module 16. Sales Psychology - Enhance Any Presentation

Key Concepts – Want vs. need; taking the audience on a journey; make them feel uncomfortable; worse before better; enticing action; your solution; teach, tailor, and take control; mastering presentation skills

Download – “Investing in Real Estate” PowerPoint presentation for realtors

Module 17. Delivering Your Client Seminar

Key Concepts– Creating and delivering a seminar to potential customers; you are the subject matter expert; why they will buy immediately

Download– “Creating Generational Wealth through Real Estate” PowerPoint presentation for client seminar

Module 18. Your Personal Brand & Winning Habits

Key Concepts– Your personal brand; how to position yourself and differentiate your business; becoming a magnet for luxury homeowners and their centers of influence; Top-10 winning habits; using your luxury logos

Final Exam

Download– Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor logos

By Courier– Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor Certificate

What Makes Our Luxury Course & Training So Unique?

Simply put…we create millionaires by increasing profit earned per file in any market. We will give you the exact systems and tools to double, triple and quadruple your income