How to Become a Certified Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor

1. How long will it take to earn my Certified Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor designation?

Your training is a combination of online instruction and 12 weeks of live “power calls” to make sure you are on track and your assignments are completed. Your assignments are fun, and will get you new business! We will give you proven scripts, techniques and ready-made presentations for you to use. After completing your training you will be required to pass a multiple choice exam. The course is designed to be completed over a 12-week period, but you can complete it faster (or slower) as the online training is self-paced.

2. How much does it cost to earn my Certified Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor designation?

The cost is $1495 to enrol in our 12-week program.

3. How much time do I have to complete the online course and exam?

You will have 1-year to complete the online course and exam from time of enrollment.

4. Will you offer the Certified Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor course in a classroom setting in the future?

In the future we may offer the course in a classroom setting in select cities in the USA and Canada. For now, the course is only available online. If you have fantastic presentation skills and are interested in becoming a course instructor, please send an email to: indicating your preferred city and a brief outline of why you’d be a good candidate.

5. How much do Certified Luxury Home Mortgage Advisors earn on average?

We’ve had loan officers go through our training program who are in their first year of business and we’ve had veterans with over 20-years of experience, generating over $50M+/year in mortgage originations.  Whether you are just starting out, or an industry veteran, your success will depend on how well you execute the materials and proven techniques we’ve laid out for you.

Mortgage Coaching - Weekly Coaching Calls

1. What's included for $195/month?

During our live weekly coaching calls, we will answer questions submitted by you prior to our calls. Our goal is to support you in every step of the way. Whenever you hit an unfamiliar challenge, you’ll know that within 7-days (or sooner depending on urgency) you can be on the phone with us and we’ll take whatever time is needed to make sure you’re able to move forward and succeed.

2. Is there a minimum monthly obligation or contract required?

No. You can stop your mortgage coaching with us at any time. Of course, to see the best results we recommend a minimum of 12-months.

3. What happens if I miss a call?

All of our calls are recorded, so if you miss a call you can always listen to it at a later date. Of course, we encourage you to be on the live calls as you may think of a question to submit right then and there based on some of the material we’re covering!

4. Do I have to complete the 42-page Business Plan?

No, you are not required to, but we highly recommend it. Having your business plan completed and reviewed by a multi-million dollar mortgage producer will be extremely valuable and will solidify many of the decisions you make going forward. Picture a mountain climber whose compass is off by 5 degrees…he may never reach the summit and could risk running out of supplies and eventually dying. If we can adjust your compass and make sure your business activities, your messaging and your focus is on point and in the right direction,  it can mean the difference between having a mediocre year or an outstanding kick-ass year.

5. How do I know if mortgage coaching is for me?

World-class CEO’s such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson all sought out a coach to get their business to where it’s at today. Top producing mortgage professionals, realtors and executives know the power of coaching and why it’s critical to take your business to the next level. Our mortgage coaches have all built multi-million dollar businesses. They will give you the exact tools, scripts and systems so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or figure this out on your own.

Master Class #1. Condo Corporation Loans

1. What is a Condo Corporation Loan?

Condominium corporation financing is a loan that is placed against the corporation itself.

2. Why would the condominium need or want to borrow?

Condo corporation financing is generally required due to repairs that are needed to the common property and there is not enough in the reserve fund to cover the costs.

3. Wouldn't it be easier to simply issue a Special Assessment?

There is a strong possibility some of the owners cannot obtain the funds within the timelines of the Special Assessment. This can negatively impact the ability of the Condo Board to sign the repair contract as the full amount of funds are not readily available to cover the repair costs due. One of the benefits of borrowing through the Condominium Corporation, it offers immediate relief for Condo Boards and owners. Alleviating a large level of anxiety to the owners who cannot raise the funds and also taking the stress away from the Condo Boards needing the work to be completed.

4. What will I learn from this Master Class?

We will give you an exact blueprint on how to find, structure and close these complex financial transactions. Broker fees range from $10K – $40K on this specialized type of financing. We will go through case studies, give you sample email scripts, sample condo loan proposal, sample document checklist and sample broker fee agreement. All of this is done live. The call will be interactive and you will be able to submit questions.

5. How much does it cost?

Cost is $295. Considering broker fees range between $10K – $40K on these loans and the sheer # of condos in Canada, that’s not a bad ROI (return on investment)!!!